Sunday, May 31, 2009

Part 11b - Claire & Family




Claire’s boys chose a wide variety of professions:

Richard Fredrick, Jr. was educated at FSU, moved to Beaverton, OR and is a retired Biology Teacher. He was selected as Oregon's Teacher of the Year once, and was presented the presidential merit of Excellence for Science Teachers of the US.

He and his wife, Rebecca, have no children. Becky was an accountant. For a number of years, he has spent a good part of his summers, leading groups of Science teachers from all over the country on a tour of Australia.

Bruce Wood Duncan (Bruce) also graduated from FSU. He and his wife, June live in Tallahassee. He was a drug dealer.....No, it's legitimate. He was a licensed pharmaceuticals salesman in the State of Florida. Bruce had to take early retirement due to his having MS. June is a retired High School Counselor and cosponsor of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for the school. Their son Adam is married to Jessica and they have a beautiful daughter, Reese. Reese is her Big Daddy’s special angel. And, the girl in the family that Claire always wanted.

Roland Steven (Steve), another FSU'er is retired from the USDA in agricultural science. He and his wife, Betty live in Pace, FL. He and Betty plan to build a house in the Little Flat and retire there.

Jamie is married and lives in New Orleans. Jonathan lives in Atlanta.

Joseph Thomas (Tom) attended FSU for a while and, like me, decided that the working world would suit him better. He and his wife, Sheila live on part of the old home place in Millry. Tom has worked in construction in Portland, OR, Saudi Arabia and New Orleans, LA. He is now employed by Gibbs Construction as their General Superintendent. Sheila is a bookkeeper. Together, they have no children. Sheila has one daughter, Donna.

Claire was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in April 1993. Following surgery, she underwent several types of chemotherapy treatments for over a year. The lack of her body's ability to resist the cancer cells and going through the end of medications available at the time, she died, in her bed, on Saturday, May 21, 1994, at the age of sixty-six and at peace with the world.

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