Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Part 8 - Mother & Daddy's Retirement



Daddy and Mother REALLY enjoyed themselves after they retired. They worked hard; getting the place "fixed up" again, building new pasture and lot fences, barn, etc. But, they stayed in pretty good health for a number of years. Daddy would tease Mother and say that when he was building lot fences, Mother would be so close behind him painting that he'd get paint on his hammer head. Daddy would build Purple Martin houses, windmills, etc. in his shop (the old smokehouse) and Mother would paint them. They only sold some of these a time or two when they set-up a stand at a Catfish Festival and Craft show. Mostly, they made things for us chillun and the eleven grandyounguns. Mother enjoyed knitting, crocheting, tole painting on towels, etc. also, to give away. Daddy and Mother would visit us in Mobile every week or so and usually spent the night with us. When they came in Daddy would say, "Well, here come the Worry Warts again!" Mother would always marvel at how fast Jo Anne could "whip up" a big meal for Company coming in with no notice. Though not as frequently, only about once in three to six months, they seemed to REALLY enjoy visiting us in Oak Ridge. They, especially, enjoyed "Foliage Season," in the fall when the leaves turned so many colors. We'd tease Mother about pecking on the window with her index finger saying, "Oooo! Look how pretty! Unh! Unh! That's SO pretty!"

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