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Part 4a House and Land



(Part 1)

The land that we lived on was originally homesteaded by my Great Grandmother Mary Williamson’s father, Daniel Mobley Williamson. My Great Grandfather, John Wesley Wood (Grand Paw) inherited it from her when she died. He and each child inherited the place and Grand Paw Wood bough each child’s share.

After being passed on to Grand Paw's heirs and divided accordingly, we wound up having 380 (+-) acres. (The plus or minus has to be inserted as Dunbar Creek forms part of the boundary line between our land and Uncle John's heirs' property.) This was the part that Granddaddy, Andrew Jackson Wood, inherited. This was owned by his widow, Mother Minnie until she died. Then it was co-owned by Daddy and Uncle George until Daddy bought Uncle George's share. Later, Daddy sold Claire and Fred 21 acres to build their retirement place. "The Rockin' D."

After Mother died on December 5, 1992, I wound up with the house, barn and about 56+ acres of land when Claire, Sylvia, Joe and I divided the place.

The house was originally built with two bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen with a breakfast nook, pantry, screened back porch, non-screened front porch, a bathroom with only a tub in it and a large sleeping porch.

The sleeping porch was walled up about two-and-a-half feet high, then screened up to almost ceiling height, and with roll-up canvas curtains to keep out rain. Mother and Daddy moved their bed out there in warm weather. Joe slept out there year round. During cold weather he'd warm a flannel blanket by the fireplace, go get in bed, curl up in a ball under the cover, then gradually ease his head out as he got the bed warmed up. It seemed like that he had fewer colds then anyone else!

Mother and Daddy's room was like "Grand Central Station." With five doors that led to closets, the dining room, front hallway and the sleeping porch. My bed was in that room. Their room also acted, as in modern times, a den or family room. The radio (a Philco, 32 volt, later converted to 110 volt) and fireplace were in there. We would sit in there to study and listen to the radio. Mother and Daddy would sit by the fire, in their rocking chairs and crochet in winter months. (More on crocheting later.)

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