Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Part 4k - House and Land



The Hog Pens & First Tractor Shed

To the West side of the barn, about 100 feet, were the hog pens. There were two pens. One was about 30 or 40 by 15 feet that would hold six or eight hogs. The other was about six feet square with a wooden floor in it. This one was used to "fatten out" a hog so as to provide more lard. Also, this one was fed more than the others to make them grow off faster.

Along side, to the East of the relocated blacksmith shop, was the original location of the tractor shed. The shed had a room, about eight feet square that held a drum of gasoline, oil, grease and tools for the tractor. There was a drop down door at the South side to allow a 55 gallon drum of gasoline to be rolled up two, 2 by 12 boards to get the gasoline drum into a "saddle" rack. Then there was a small sliding door at the East wall to allow the hose to be brought out to fuel the tractor.

The tractor shed was about eighteen feet square. The tractor was parked to the left side with the cultivator parked in front of the tractor. There was a large gate at the front of the East side of the shed where the disk, turning plow, slip, and terracing plow were stored.

Along the East side of the tractor shed was a 4 by 16-foot, 4-compartment foxhound house. That's where all the foxhounds were kept.

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