Friday, May 8, 2009

Part 3 - MAIL



We got our mail at Route 1 Box 53, Millry, Ala. The box numbers changed over the years, and "Ala." was shortened to "AL" with a new thing called the ZIP code, which was and is 36558. Don't ask me what the newer four digit add on to the ZIP code is!

Daddy was the Rural Carrier on the route for several years, preceded by his brother Percy. He worked the route until the Post Office consolidated a couple of routes. Mr. Fletcher Mosley had more seniority than he did, so Daddy had to give up the route. After Mr. Mosley retired, our carriers were Crousom Armstrong, O.D. Frost and several others. Recently they have taken some of the boxes off Route 1, but the place is listed as 3949 Sam Wood Road. It was formerly Route 1 Box 330. We have a Post Office box (117) and don't get our mail on the route now. Probably will switch back to the rural route after we get too old to drive to the PO to get our mail.

Some certain person was Postmaster during the time that the "Zippy" codes and the new two letter state abbreviations were inaugurated. More on her later.

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