Monday, May 18, 2009

Part 4i - House and Land



The Office & Old Blacksmith Shop

To the East of the garage was "The Office." It was a two-room building with a porch across the front. The gable above the porch roof was very convenient backstop for Joe and I to bounce rubber or tennis balls off of and play catch, by ourselves. The porch floor also provided a good place for me to drive nails when I was about three or four. That is, when I wasn't driving nails in the ground, so I could pull them out easily and drive them again.

The Office had originally been Granddaddy's medical office. The front room was only about ten feet deep and about 14 feet wide. I guess that it served kinda like a waiting room. The back room was about 20 feet deep and served as the treatment room.

After the old house burned, the family lived in the office until the new house could be built. It was used for storage of old furniture, etc. during my time. All of the syrup that we stored for use or for sale was stored in the front room.

There was an old crank-type Victrola in the front room that I used to play some of the old, scratchy, 78 rpm records on. If we didn't have a proper needle for the Victrola, we'd just cut off a straight pin or sewing needle and it would play just about the same.

There's no telling what some of the old iron or brass bedsteads, the old roll top desk, etc. that was stored in that old office would be worth if we still had them today. We went along with the fads of the fifties and cut the tops off the head and foot boards to make "Hollywood" style, no footboard beds. What a waste!

House wood was stacked in VERY neat and level rows along the East side of the office during the summer after crops were "laid by."

The old Blacksmith Shop was located to the South of the office, across the fence. That's where Daddy would repair any type metal work that was needed. Also, I guess that there was some plow point rebuilding at one time.

On the back side of the shop was the Turkey House, with a pen for the turkeys outside it. The shop was torn down and moved to a place about 60 feet to the Northwest side of the barn.

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