Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Part 7 - Mother & Daddy's Courtship



Mother and Daddy graduated from Chatom High School in 1923. That's where they began "sparking" at each other.

Mother taught at Deer Park school and made tenth grade in school at the same time. They only had eleven years of school then. During a teachers' meeting that year, Mother Minnie introduced her to Daddy.

She had been going with John Chason, another boy in her class, but she and Daddy started passing notes back and forth in classes, and he started carrying her books home for her. Also, she worked in the library after school to help pay her tuition. Daddy, in spite of not liking to read very well decided it was time for him to start reading some, so he'd go to the library when she was working.

Their first real date was when they went to St. Stephens for the unveiling of some sort of monument. That was in the fall of 1922. They dated, off and on their senior year.

The next year, she taught with Mother Minnie at Yarbo. She and Daddy dated "pretty heavily" that year. He'd drive his old Ford roadster down to see her. He was living in Millry at the time. They dated for about four years.

Later, she taught at Chatom. After school was out in 1927, she had gone to Prichard, where Mama Wright and Uncle James were living, to spend the summer.

She had gone over to Bay Minette, across the Mobile River delta, to visit with John's Mother, Mrs. Chason. Daddy drove down to see her and she wasn't home. He made a telephone call to Mrs. Chason's, and John answered. He wanted to talk to Mother. He told her that she'd better be on the next train to Mobile or she'd never see him again.

Well, when the train rolled in the station, at about 11:30 that night, she was on the train. They rode around all night, and then drove to Pascagoula, MS. They went to the courthouse as soon as it opened, got their license, and went to the Methodist Parson's home where they were married.

They drove back to Mobile and told Mama Wright that they were married. She was disappointed that Mother was not going to get to spend any time with her. So, Daddy left her there, went to Millry to tell Granddaddy and Mother Minnie, and to make a place for them to live. That took two weeks. So, as Mother put it, they were married "in name only" for that two weeks.

They shared the old house at Millry, actually, the community was then called Dunbar Post Office, with a Mr. and Mrs. Seibert for a while. After the Seiberts moved away, Granddaddy and Mother Minnie lived with them for a while.

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