Thursday, May 14, 2009

Part 4e House and Land




The dining room had bay windows, a fireplace that used a common chimney with the bed room fireplace, a buffet along the left as you entered from the kitchen, a small table behind the same door, the table and eight chairs, and Daddy's desk to the left of the French doors leading to the living room. The door to the bedroom was to the left of the fireplace. The dining room was used for Sunday dinner and when we had company for dinner or supper.

When we had "special" company for dinner, Mother would get out the Haviland China and the pink, stemmed glasses. Of course, I would usually be relegated to the corner table along with other children, depending on how many were there.

The beautiful "clear" (crystal) pitcher and four or five matching glasses (depending on how many were not broken) that sat atop the buffet were almost never used, I guess, for fear of breakage.

I usually sat on my stool at the corner of the table between Daddy (at the end) and Mother. We'd usually have fried chicken for Sunday dinner. All of us but Daddy liked the gizzard. If there was only one chicken fried, the gizzard would be divided into five pieces. Mother got the middle piece as it was easiest to chew, Claire and Sylvia got the ends and Joe and I got the gristles in between.

Mother Minnie sat at the opposite end of the table from Daddy. As everyone finished eating, she's say, "Pass up your plate, pass up your plate." She'd scrape them off and stack them for the kitchen, but she didn't choose to wash them very often. With two grand daughters and a cook there, I can't say as I blamed her!

Once, after dinner, while Mama Wright was there, Mama started washing the dishes and Mother Minnie decided to dry them. Mother Minnie made a comment or two about how Mama was washing them. So, Mama just turned around, dried her hands and said, "If you're so d--- smart, do it yourself." Then she walked out. We've all had lots of laughs about that event. Due to totally different personalities, Mama Wright and Mother Minnie just never did see eye to eye on too many things!

The dining room fireplace really was not used very much. It was pretty close to the end of the table and would be too hot for Daddy to sit there, so most of the time when company was there, they depended on heat from the kitchen stove and the living room fireplace to heat the dining room. In later years, the table was turned crosswise and Daddy and Mother could sit by that fireplace to read, play cards, etc.

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