Saturday, May 16, 2009

Part 4g House & Land


First House Remodeling

The front bedroom was Mother Minnie's room. She had a large oak wardrobe, a bed and dresser in her room. Her room was heated with a kerosene heater. She would keep a wash pan of water on the top of the heater for a couple of reasons. She had hot water for bathing, and the water kept the air in the room from drying out. Once, the water was almost boiling. Somehow, she turned the pan over and dumped the hot water on her legs and feet. She had some pretty bad burns from that.

During one remodeling project, Daddy moved the kitchen/breakfast nook wall at the sleeping porch to the north matching the partial wall in the kitchen, took out the cabinet from the "L" part of the kitchen, and moved the wall between the bed room and sleeping porch, about two feet eastward. Then, he built two bedrooms, one for Claire and Sylvia and one for Joe and me, with closets and a hallway from the side door to the kitchen.

After a new well was drilled and a pump installed, a new half-bath was made where the hall closet used to be, and a new garage was built.

The roof of the house was originally strip sheathed and V-crimp tin covered. At nighttime, steady, light rain would really lull you to sleep. Of course, a heavy rain or hailstorm would also be amplified. Once a hailstorm in the summertime dumped enough marble size stones that we were able to gather enough to make a freezer of ice cream. Now that was LOUD! About 45 or 50 years ago, Daddy had the roof removed, more bracing added to the rafters, solid sheathing installed and a new, shingle roof installed.

At the same time, the kitchen was remodeled by removing the old sink, the small window above the sink was boarded up, a new window replaced the old one that was between the stove and cabinet, all new cabinets installed, the refrigerator moved to the kitchen, the back porch closed-in, new outlets installed for the Washer and Dryer in the back porch area, the pantry door moved from east to south side, a half-bath installed off the hallway, the side steps slid out, a new covered porch built, the old back steps removed, a new deck built outside the back door, a new hearth and mantle installed in the dining room and the front porch was remodeled and screened.

Sometime in the early eighties, Daddy and Mother started talking about adding a den on-to the back or South side or North side of the house. I suggested moving their bed about fifteen feet West, take the bed room next to the kitchen out, add a couple of feet to the south side of the kitchen, add a full bath and a walk-in closet, then use their old bed room as a den. They bought the idea. So, all the above was done plus carpeting the den and their bed room, suspended ceilings were installed throughout the house, the living room chimney was removed, a new chimney built, a new wood-burning heater installed, and the den, bed room and kitchen were centrally heated and air conditioned.

Later, ductwork was extended to heat and cool the front bathroom.

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