Monday, June 1, 2009

Part 12a - Sylvia's Family


Sylvia Aliece (Sylvia) was born on July 13, 1929. To Mother's peace of mind, she was the opposite of Claire in that she seemed to be happy and content all the time. If Mother put them in the bathroom (with no fixtures in it) where all their toys were as punishment, Claire would scream to get out. Sib would happily play with her toys. Sylvia didn't get the "special" things like art lessons, use of Mother Minnie's typewriter, etc., but she has "dun good!" She has been Organist for Millry Baptist Church since 1960, and taught the Senior High Sunday School Class for over thirty-five years. There's no telling how many different children that have been waiting to sit with her on the end of the second pew of the church when she finished playing the organ, before the sermon starts. She was Postmaster at Millry, 36558 for thirty-four years until she retired. During her tenure as Postmaster, she has more than figuratively "put Millry on the map." She had an exceptional repetoir with postal officials from the Mobile district office to Washington D.C. She has been an outstanding member of the National Association of Post Masters of the United States (NAPUS) for 50 years. She served as a State NAPUS President, Ex-President, Executive Vice President, 5 years as Secretary, 4 years as Editor of the "Alabama Postmaster" Magazine, PAC Chairman for 6 years, and has held the National office as National Historian for 4 years. She recently served a two-year term as National Secretary/Treasurer for NAPUS retirees. Association with Postmasters from all over the United States has made her well known across the country. She has made some wonderful and lasting friends over the years. "Not ever meeting a stranger" has been a valuable tool for working with people on the job, doing church work and "just being Sylvia!" She never does anything "half-way." Whatever venture she undertakes, it’s "whole hog or none!" Whether it be giving a party for her Sunday School Class or the Football team, picking and canning beans from the garden, "doing" for others, running for National office in NAPUS or decorating her place for Christmas, she puts in "her all," and backs up to NO challenge.

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