Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Part 12b - Sylvia & Family - Woodie




Sylvia attended Huntington College in Montgomery for one year. Then, she decided she'd rather get married and start a family.

She married Woodie Stone Knight, Jr. and had three children. Woodie was the son of Dr. and Mrs. W. S. Knight Sr. owners of Healing Springs Resort, two miles west of Millry. Sylvia and Woodie lived in one of the cabins for several years.

Healing Springs had several natural springs that provided different minerals. Most all the spring's minerals were said to be good for "different ailin's!" Folks would come from Mobile and other areas to drink the water and swim in the pool there. At one time, it was a very popular vacation spot.

Woodie was in the timber business, except for a stint at over-the-road truck driving. He and Daddy ran a Cedar sawmill in Vicksburg, MS for a year or so. He had a small sawmill in Millry for a while. Then, he bought a portable sawmill that he could set up in or near a tract of timber he was cutting.

In 1957, he had made an agreement with Mr. Wes Hoffman to cut a large tract of timber about two miles west of Waynesboro, MS. Mr. Wes was to cut the timber, and Woodie was to saw it up in lumber.

One evening (Valentine's Day) he was cutting the last log for the day. When the rope that pulled the carriage that held the log in place and moved along to saw the log, got hung up. This caused the carriage to reverse unexpectedly and caused Woodie's leg to drop down through the carriage and track. The rope broke causing the carriage to be pulled to one end. Thus, crushing his leg, as well as causing internal injuries.

He was taken to Waynesboro Hospital, then transported to Laurel, MS. I rode with Sylvia to the hospital, then drove back to advise Mother and Mrs. Knight of his condition. I then drove Mrs. Knight to Laurel. I spent each night at the hospital doing what I could to help out.

He had a number of complications causing the amputation of the leg as well as a number of undiagnosable internal injuries. On February 22, he died from a complete renal shutdown caused by the internal injuries.

Sylvia and Mr. Wes completed the contract to cut the timber, then sold the mill.

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