Friday, June 5, 2009

Part 12d - Sylvia and Family - Morris



12d Morris
In recent times, Sylvia is displaying another special talent. That of an artist! She has painted some beautiful water color and acrylic paintings. This is to fill the gaps in her time between once being National Treasurer of NAPUS Retirees, Church Organist, Sunday School Teacher, monthly visits to elderly and shut-ins, number one fan of the Millry Wildcats, keeping up with all her "other younguns", planning "get togethers" for a group of former Millry Graduates, including a great cruise, working very hard each year to decorate her house, fences and yard with a SUPER Christmas Display that people come from far and wide to view and seeing to her newest grandchild and great-grandchildren. That just sums up as "Sylvia!"

During 1998, she became MUCH better acquainted with an old class mate of hers by the name of Morris Brown. She and Morris "tied the knot" the first January (1999). They were quite a pair of "love birds!" It seems they were really meant for one another. Morris was an outstanding football player at Millry, then at Mississippi Southern (now University of Southern Mississippi) where he was elected into the Hall of Fame at both schools.. He followed football as a coach in Mississippi with an outstanding record.

His record as a coach was 148 wins, 44 losses and 8 ties. He retired from coaching in Jones County, MS and spent a term as County Supervisor (Commissioner). He had two children, a daughter living in Laurel and a son living in London. He was on board of trustees at South Central Regional Medical Center in Laurel.
Morris was always highly respected by Daddy. He and Vince Brown (no relation) formed an outstanding running duo for Millry. Each one was very hard to bring down. Morris was a fine, Christian man with lots of wit. When the two of them "tied the knot" he became a welcome addition to the family. Morris went through a long period of bad health. He made his final goal at 4:00 p.m. on April 28, 2009 when he crossed that final line.

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