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Part - 15a.3. - Lucy cont & 15 b. - Lillie


15a.1.3 LUCY TAYLOR (cont)

In later years, when we didn't have the hands farming and didn't need Lucy during the week, she'd come most Sundays to cook dinner and one day to wash and iron.

She worked for several families in town, mostly washing and ironing.
She'd walk or "catch a ride" to town carrying her white fertilizer sack like her Mama's so she could bring home leftovers, things she'd pick up at the store and things she'd "Begged" for, etc. She would "beg" for contributions to her church, New Hope Methodist. She had helped raise enough to build the new building that stands there now as "The Greater New Hope AME Church."

Once, we wanted to get Lucy a nice coat for her to wear. She had gotten pretty fat then and weighed about 265. Joe and Bea found one that would fit her, but it was July 4th before we got together to give it to her, during a family reunion. We'd gathered in the living room and called her in. When she opened the box, she started jumping around, crying, put the coat on, danced around to each one of us, hugging us all and saying, "Thank ya, thank ya, thank ya!" She had to tell everybody to look what her chillun gave her!

When I was going to college in Livingston, I would go by her house on Sunday afternoon, on my way back to school, knowing she would have me a good, "made from scratch" cake made for me to take with me.

Lots of times, especially during World War II, sugar was rationed, so Lucy would make us some "sweet bread." She'd work up a cake batter and sweeten it with syrup. Mmm Good! It was, especially good while still warm with real butter in it and a glass of sweet milk. Now, don't that make ya drool a wantin' some uv it!!!

Two days after Joe was born (6 years before I was), the house caught fire. Lucy was sleeping on a pallet in the kitchen and woke up at midnight, with the house in flames. She jumped up and went running through the house calling, "Mister Sam, the house is on fire, the house is on fire!" Daddy got Mother up and carried her outside, Mama Wright got Claire and Sylvia and Lucy got Joe. She'd always beg a little something from Joe saying, "Ya know I saved ya from the fire!" Of course, Joe would give her anything he could anyway.

Unfortunately, our sweet Lucy died as the result of a blood clot in her leg a short time before the New Hope Church building was completed. Naturally, Sylvia and I represented the family at her funeral. Claire was in Tallahassee and Joe was overseas and couldn't come to the funeral. Her kids wanted her to have a vault to be buried in, so I paid for one, then Claire, Sylvia and Joe reimbursed me for a fourth, each.


Singing Lillie, Lucy's Mama would walk around with her white sack just singing gospel songs! In later years, I was working for the contractor paving the road that runs by the house, and JoAnne was by herself. She heard someone singing and saw Lillie coming. Lillie, like always, just came on up the back steps into the house. JoAnne talked to her a while, then Lillie left by way of the barn. I think Jo Anne was a little scared until I got home and told her about Lillie.

Lillie would go to New Hope Church, and when the preacher would make a statement, Lillie would say, "True!" in a high pitched voice all through the sermon.

We'd go over to New Hope sometimes and stand outside or go in and sit on the back row when they'd have "Protrative Meetings" (Revivals) and listen to the singing. There were some folks there that could REALLY sing well, such as Christine and Mulvoy Taylor.

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