Monday, June 8, 2009

Part 12f - Sylvia & Family - Dianne


Sylvia & Family

12f Dianne & Ken

Vivian Dianne, Sylvia's second daughter graduated from the University of South Alabama, in Mobile, and moved to Atlanta to teach school. She has completed her doctorate. She has served as a teacher, Librarian and Assistant Principal in the school system. While doing library work at her school, she has developed an excellent "Web Page" for her school that enabled her to review children's' books on the "Net," determine their suitability for the children to read, then downloads them into the Web Page. All the teachers have to do is "call up" the books on the computers in their classroom for the children to read. She has received numerous awards for the "page" from all over Atlanta and the US.

Dianne married Ken Prager, from the Atlanta area. He is retired from the Fire Sprinkler business that covers a large part of the Southeast, US. (Hmm! I'm glad he keeps all those building ceilings covered to put out fires!) Dianne and Ken have no children.

Both of them are now retired and live in Peach Tree City, GA, near Atlanta. They never seem to slow down especially if there is something that they can do for others. Their favorite hobby is finding Letter Boxes all over the USA.

Another thing Dianne does is to host “YaYa” parties and trips for all her Nieces and Grand Nieces. Also, she has done a few “YoYo” events for the Nephews and Grand Nephews.

The two of them are some of the most Giving people I know.

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