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Part - 14f - Games


14f. GAMES
Daddy and Mother really enjoyed playing table games such as Dominoes, Set Back, Canasta, Crazy Eights, Chinese Checkers, Rook, and Casino. Also, they enjoyed pitching horseshoes and playing croquet.

At one time we had lighted courts for pitching horseshoes and playing croquet at night. The croquet court was laid out in the back yard, near the steps. It was kept totally grass-free and graded to be totally level. (That was one game I really excelled in. I played so much by myself that I almost could not be beaten.)

When Daddy and Uncle George would get together for a short while, they would play "Casino". Uncle George kept a record sheet of all games won, points scored, the number of sweeps, etc. During World War II, he lost his wallet and the record sheet. So they had to start a new sheet after the war that continued until their last game a few weeks before Daddy died.

In July, 1969, "Big Three Dominoes" was started between Daddy, Uncle George and me. I kept records on that; only won/lost for a while, then added point records. Daddy had Green Dominoes, Uncle George had White, and I had Chinese red ones. Also, I had a Chinese red table so about all you could see were the spots on the "bones." Naturally, when any of us lost while playing with the other's "bones" we'd really fuss about those off color dominoes and accuse them of being an ungracious host. Big Three Dominoes ceased to be when Daddy died. I still have all the record sheets.
The final records for the Big Three Dominoes were: Games won - Daddy 306, Uncle George 316, and I 297; Total games played 919; Points - Daddy 183,040, Uncle George 178,105, and I 180,265; Total points scored - 541,410; Longest winning streak - Daddy 7, Uncle George 7, I 5; Longest losing streak - Daddy 26, Uncle George 17, I 14.

All the Wood clan enjoyed playing games. Family Reunions would usually have at least one table with Setback being played. Also, when four or five would get together, a "game-or-two" would be played. Aunt Lucy, Uncle Will, Uncle John, Uncle Percy, Aunt Lacy, Uncle George, Cousin Bill Grayson and Daddy would play every chance they had. They'd fuss about getting bad cards and quote Uncle John saying, "Let’s shuffle them cards!" Also, after losing while playing at least three games with each one being a partner, saying, "I sho' had a bad run of partners!"

While playing dominoes, Uncle Percy would play a small bone and say, "Lets keep 'em little!" and would keep the ends as low as possible.

Once, while we were living in Augusta, GA, Daddy had to have about three-fourths of his stomach removed. Uncle George, Joe and I would tease Daddy about how much fun we were having playing dominoes while he was in the hospital.

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