Thursday, June 11, 2009

Part 13c - Joe & Family - Children


Joe and Family

13c Children
Pam attended Auburn University for one year, then married Robert Lehrmann (Bob) from the DC area. They had one son, Robert Wood (Bobby). Pam worked, for years, for a legal firm. They lived in Reston, VA until Bob's untimely death, at age 39, on Bobby's first day of Kindergarten. Bob had tried a number of fields of study and work and never found his niche until he decided to start making gourmet salad dressings from their home kitchen. This allowed him to stay home and tend to Bobby. Later, he expanded his venture to prepare "Quick Meals," frozen dinners, made to order for working people who had only to thaw, heat, and add bread and drink. On the day Bobby began kindergarten, Bob had gotten him ready and on the bus that morning. When Pam got in, she met the bus. They saw Bob on the couch. Thinking he was taking a nap, because earlier in the day he had said that he wasn't feeling well, Pam and Bobby took a walk. When they returned, they tried to wake him, but could not. He had died as the result of an apparent heart attack. Upon his request, he was cremated and buried in the Providence Cemetery in Millry. Pam's job was the victim of "downsizing" not long after Bob's death. She moved to another place south of Alexandria, VA, and is working for another law firm. She met a guy named Joe Masella, in what she called "Widows 101", who had lost his wife. After a couple of years, they were married and now live in Manassas, VA. Joe has a son named Joseph. Alison Michelle graduated from Florida State with a degree in Finance. She married Steve Robinson, Kathy Knight's brother. She ran a clothing specialty store, called "Australia Design" with stores in DC and Baltimore, MD for several years. Apparently the "fad" played out and they closed down. Steve worked as a food manager for a hotel chain in the DC area. Later, he was transferred to Huntsville, AL to the University of Alabama at Huntsville as food manager. Things didn't work out too well in Huntsville, so he started Sumner Catering, with Sumner (TN) Regional Hospital. One thing that did work out pretty well was "Chillun Production!" They became the proud parents of a daughter, Kendyll Sage, and a son, Kyle Christian. Alison was district manager with Tupperware while in Huntsville, and transferred when they moved to Gallatin. She gave up on the sales career and changed to full time Mommy for Kendyll and Kyle for a while. Later, she returned to college and completed her education and is now teaching full time.

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