Monday, June 8, 2009

Part 12g - Sylvia & Family - Woodie


Sylvia & Family

12g Woodie & Family

Woodie Steven attended Faulkner State Junior College, Auburn University and the University of South Alabama for a while. Then he worked for Shell Chemical in Baton Rouge, LA, then went to Photography School in California. He is now a Professional Commercial Photographer in Franklin, TN. (If you've seen a Service Merchandise Jewelry Catalog, until recently, you've probably seen some of his work.) He has his own business, Knight Vision Photography.

Woodie married Kathy Robinson of Alexandria, VA and White Pine, TN. She writes and illustrates children’s books. Woodie and Kathy are parents of Rachael Elizabeth Knight and Steven Knight. The easy-going, laid back, latest (maybe last) of Mother and Daddy's great-grandchildren.

Rachael will always be a "charmer" with those big brown eyes and pretty smile! She has recorded a wonderful song and has an amazing quality voice. She may even be a professional singer one of these days.

Steven is a chip off the old block and has mannerisms of his Grandfather Woodie and his dad, Woodie. Of course "Nanamama" and "Dadapapa" never spoiled them MUCH!!! Only when they could. He and his Gammama have some great telephone conversations.

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