Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Part - 14m - Crocheting



Back when Daddy was farming, during winter nights, when he'd not been working so hard, he would lay out patterns for table cloths, bed spreads, etc. on graph paper. Then, he'd crochet them while sitting by the fire and listening to the radio. One treasure I'll always keep; he made me a crocheted baby bed spread. (I slept in the baby bed until I was six because there just wasn't room for another bed.) He had designed twelve-inch squares. Each square had a different animal crocheted into it. There were dogs, cats, camels and horses in the squares of that spread. The middle square had "JIM" in it. There was a total of fifteen squares, plus the fringes around the edges.

An interesting thing about the way Daddy and Mother held their thread while crocheting was that Daddy held the middle finger of his left hand up to keep the thread tensioned properly. Mother held up her pointing finger up.

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