Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Part - 19.h.3. - Work Recap #1


19h.(3) WORK (Recap 1)

The County had let the contract for grading, laying the base and paving the road from Millry School to the Choctaw County line, a distance of 6.3 miles. I got a job with the contractor, S. A. Graham Contracting of Brundidge, AL as a laborer, tractor driver, dump truck and water truck driver and power shovel oiler at $1.00 per hour.

I would keep areas drained after rains, greased and fueled the dip-stick shovel in the gravel pit, drove an old 2 cylinder, hand clutch, John Deere tractor pulling a disc, sheep foot and rubber tired rollers, drove a dump truck and drove a water truck. After about a month, I got a big raise......to $1.25 per hour.

Mother had gone to Conway, AR to spend the summer with Daddy. He was working with the Corps on 18 Titan II missile silos within a 72 mile radius of Conway.

We stayed at the home place that summer and I walked out the front door to work. On the last two days on that job, I worked from 7:00 am Sunday until 3:30 PM Monday as we were trying to get everything ready to "shoot" the road. (Spray the tar sealer to prepare for the Slag top coarse.)

We had worked all day Sunday cutting out soft spots in various places, and had gotten all of it ready from James Bennet's house to Millry. About dark, we had gotten the rest of it shaped up and needed to roll it down good.

The boss asked me if I could run all night. I agreed to, so about 8:00 PM, all the other crew left and I began pulling two rubber tire rollers from James Bennet's to the top of the Henry Williams hill, (about two and a half miles.).

On the first trip by the house after the others left, Prince, Mothers collie dog came out to keep me company. He trotted along by the right front wheel all night long. As soon as some of the crew came in Monday morning, he dropped off at the house. I never called him or anything!

Once, about 10:00 PM, Prince ran out to the left side of the road, just above Dunbar Creek and was kinda standing over something. I found that he had charmed a small 'possom. I stomped the 'possom's head in. So, from then on, he would trot over to check on his 'possom each trip by. He really was a lot of company for me that night.

We finished that job in September. Daddy had talked to a couple of fellows on the job that he knew on the Oklahoma job he'd been on about the possibility of my getting a job. We made a trip to Arkansas to check it out.

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