Thursday, July 9, 2009

Part - 19.e. - Health



I have had reasonably good health over the years in spite of smoking for 34 years, from ages 14 to 49.

While in school at Livingston, I had a nervous breakdown due to smoking, "going too much," and lack of sleep. It was triggered by a fall when I landed on my tailbone. Later that year, I had appendicitis, which caused me to lose a quarter in school.

Soon after we married, I developed "black outs" that was diagnosed as nerve problems due to worry. I've had no problems with that in about 50 years.

Over the past 24 years, I have had Angina, which I control with medication, Tarsal Tunnel syndrome in my right foot, Bursitis, and am having some trouble with Arthritis, particularly in my hands. I'm on medication for the Tarsal Tunnel and Arthritis, Neuropathy, B.O.O.P, elevated cholesterol, and a few other maladies.

I still "get about" pretty well, as I won't give in to these things any more than I have to.

Not too long after I went to work there, I developed a situation where I would "Black out." Sometimes, I would just go into a deep sleep. Other times, I'd roll around, bumping my head, etc. I would never remember what happened, but I would always know that I'd had one, afterwards.

I went through all types of tests with no answers. One test was to inject a needle into my spine, pump air into my brain to see if there were any growths there. (Daddy said that they broke two pumps trying to pump into a vacuum!) I had a seizure at IP one night at work, so IP wouldn't allow me to return to work.

I got an appointment to go to Ochner Clinic Hospital in New Orleans. I was there only two days and was diagnosed as having nerve problems that caused the seizures. They referred me to doctors in Mobile for psychoanalysis. It was determined that I would worry over even small things to a point that I would black out. I learned to develop a more carefree attitude. I cared what was happening, but wouldn't allow myself to worry and fret over things. I soon found out that I could solve more problems without worrying over them than when I did.

Soon after Debbie and Tommie’s wedding I developed Angina and have been on medication for that since 1985.

I have had a couple of bouts with various things like, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, some arthritis, parathyroid problems that cause elevated calcium and too little Vitamin D in my system. Then, the latest things are a kidney stone in my left kidney and B.O.O.P., a lung and breathing problem that I am on medication for at the current time.

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