Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Part - 19.c. Backyard Playground



Our back yard was the "neighborhood playground." The lot was sixty-six feet wide at the street, two hundred feet deep and four hundred twenty feet across the back.

There was plenty of room for football, basketball, baseball and badminton. Neither we, nor any of the neighbors had to wonder where our kids were playing.

I had put my old basketball goal up about eight feet high for Andy when he was small. I nailed a piece of plywood to a tree to mount it on.

After he had gotten bigger, I tried to take it down to move it to the ten-foot regular height. I couldn't pull the nails out of the oak tree that it was nailed to. So, I quit trying, as I didn't want to tear up the plywood.

About a month later, Hurricane Camille came through and did considerable damage in Mobile, but devastated the Mississippi Gulf coast.

We had packed up and, along with Sonny, Carolyn and Boys, went to Millry. A "J" berry tree blew down up there. After cleaning up the tree, we went back home to see what kind of damage we had there.

When we drove up, there was NO damage. Later, we noticed the basketball goal had blown down..... with plywood attached, .....and the nails pulled out of the oak tree!

I built a new four-foot by six foot backboard, put it on four by four posts and relocated the goal to another place.

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