Saturday, July 4, 2009

Part - 19B.1. - Special Days



There have been several days that have been VERY special in my life. One was on that night in June, 1956, when my former roommate at LSTC, Bill Sullivan, talked me into going out to Eight Mile to go to church and meet his cousin instead of going to see "Picnic" at the Roxy Theater.

We were a little late, so when we opened the side door about mid-way of the auditorium, there sat two girls. Bill told me to go in and sit by the one farthest away. I did, then he introduced me, in a whisper, to his cousin, JoAnne Hendrix and her friend Charlie Flowers.

I didn't know until later that when I was standing in the door, JoAnne told Charlie, "See that guy at the door? I'm gonna marry him some day!" She had never seen me, nor could she see Bill at that time.

After church, we talked the girls into riding around some and to "get a coke." Bill was driving his brother, Cecil's car. It was a used up yellow cab, 1951 Chevy. The king pins and bushings in the front end were totally worn out. This caused the front end to "shimmy" real bad if you got above about thirty miles per hour, and you could hardly keep it in the road until you slowed down enough to stop bouncing.

We started out with Bill driving and JoAnne and I in the back seat. Then we switched a time or two with us in the front. What a night? But, to my chagrin, I didn't get any "sugar" that night. JoAnne was "stingy" with it. So, I decided I'd have to go back later and see couldn't I rectify that situation.

Well, Sho' nuf, I did get some "smoochie sugar" the next time. You know what? I still haven't gotten enough of that sugar, so I'm still working on getting more every chance I get!

Another special day came fifteen months after the other one when this old "green," "scared" country boy stood nervously at the front of Myers Memorial Baptist Church, on the Monday evening of September 16, 1957, watching my Bride walking down the aisle to me. Even though she was stepping on her gown because a hoop was unsnapped in her skirt. She made it in on Sonny's arm and out on mine.

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