Thursday, July 2, 2009

Part - 17 & 18 - sonny & Bobby



William Shelton (Sonny) worked at M & M Wholesale Florist since shortly after he graduated from Vigor High School. At one time, the name and ownership changed, but he stayed on. Finally, he purchased the business and returned the name back to M & M.

Due to strong competition in the Mobile from other Wholesale Florists, and to large distributors delivering directly into large grocery stores, Sonny's venture with M & M failed. He spent a while working with one of the Large Distributors from Birmingham, but that didn't pay off.

He tried working with a company selling security systems for houses and businesses. That venture did not work out.

He married Carolyn Jane Cowart from Whistler, AL. Carolyn worked for IBM, then for a Credit business for a long time, and then she went into the retail floral business by purchasing The Flower Shop on Airport Blvd. She later moved the business to Spring Hill Avenue Extension. Again, due to the intense competition in that type business, she closed the Flower Shop in June 1998. She is now working for a florist in Saraland.

Carolyn and I have to "stick together" as we're the "outlaws" of the Hendrix Clan!

Sonny and Carolyn have three boys. Paul, the oldest, served a hitch in the Army, worked part and full time at Food World Stores, worked a while in construction, and is now working at the University of South Alabama. He hasn't chosen to engage in matrimony. His favorite pastime is working with Boy Scouts.

Scott went to Computer School, worked in Atlanta for several years, and returned to Mobile to manage Greer’s Grocery Stores' computer system. For some time now he has been working at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola as head of their computer department.

Scott and his wife, Teresa, have three beautiful girls, Erin, Megan and Emily and a boy, Shelton.

Scott had a severe weight problem for several years. He had Stomach stapling surgery, adhered to a VERY strict diet and has lost well over half his former weight.

Thad, the baby boy graduated from South Alabama in Engineering and is now working for a local engineering firm.

He started out wanting to study Architecture, but has changed his major. He and I have always been "Auburn Buddies." Once, when he was young, they visited us in Oak Ridge. He was a big Auburn fan, so I started calling him "Weagle!" (A fast way of saying War Eagle!) He worked long and hard, and finally got to be an official "Weagle Eagle".... He became an Eagle Scout. He still works with the Scouts.

Although he would have preferred to go to Auburn, he decided to complete his engineering degree at South. He was married to Miranda Grass and they had a beautiful daughter, Helen. Since the split with Miranda he now lives with Paul .


Robert Lewis (Bobby), Jo Anne's youngest brother has worked in the Television business for his entire career. He worked for some time at WKRG TV in Mobile. Later, he worked for two or three different TV repair shops in the Mobile area until he went into business for himself. He remained single.

His health has been bad in recent years and he is on disability. He lived with Lou until her death. They were really good for each other. He loves to fish, and has done quite a bit of it over the years.

He lives in Mobile. He has recently spent about two months in the hospital after heart by-pass surgery and following complications. He remains in poor health from the heart problems as well as breathing problems.

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