Friday, July 10, 2009

Part - 19.f. - School



Claire and Sylvia were "home schooled," that is, they knew about all there was to learn in first grade, i.e., reading, writing, arithmetic, etc., before starting school. So, they both started to school in the second grade. I guess it didn't hurt them too much, as they were both Valedictorian of their class.

Daddy would ask Joe what his expectations were of becoming valedictorian, he would say, "Claire was, Sylvia was, I won't be and Jim might be." Of course, neither of us did as we had more to concentrate on, like baseball, football, basketball, shooting goals in the back yard, playing croquet, girls, etc. All the "important" things to use your brains on!

Although Sylvia, nor I, got a piece of sheepskin saying we'd been to college for four years, we fought it through our "Schools of Hard Knocks!" I guess we came out pretty well. The "professors" and "curriculum" of SHK can really be cruel at times, but you never lose what you do learn there!

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