Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Part - 16 - Mr Hendrix & Lou



JoAnne's Father, Shelton Chesley Hendrix, passed away on December 21, 1956. He was a plumber and had his own plumbing business in the Eight Mile area. Mr. Willie Hanson from Eight Mile worked with him. He had spelled his last name Hendricks until a time when he worked for the State and they spelled it Hendrix. He just kept the "IX" spelling. One or two of his siblings, also, used "IX."

He had worked for several of the Plumbing and Piping companies in the Mobile area before going into business.

He loved gardening and working with plants and shrubs in their yard. He always kept the place looking like it was professionally manicured.

He was heavily involved in the political scene in the County as well as State politics. He was on the Alabama Democratic Executive Committee and a strong supporter of Big Jim Folsom. During his lifetime, Democrats were "THE" party in Alabama, and he was one of their strongest supporters.

I never met him but once, that being one Sunday morning when I went by to go to church with JoAnne. She wasn't ready to go yet, so she introduced me to her Dad. He was reading the paper and offered me the Comics. He and I struck up a pretty good conversation about where I was from, etc. I guess I talked ok to suit him as JoAnne said that she thought he liked me pretty well, not like some other boyfriends.

JoAnne said that her Dad was her official "reading coach" when she was in grammar school. She had some trouble getting started in reading and he would say, "Come on Gal, let's read." He would read with her until she knew what she was reading.

After we were married, I called Mrs. Hendrix: "Mrs. Hendrix", "Maw-in-law", and a couple of other names. Then, since her middle name was Lucille, I began calling her "Lou". It stuck! So, all her grand children called her "Lou", and by the time she had great grand children she figured that she was old enough to be called her "Granny Lou."

Lou worked at Brookley Air Force Base in Mobile, in the Supply Division until the time the government closed Brookley. She was transferred to Robbins Air Force Base in Warner Robbins, GA, where she worked until she retired in 1977. She was medically retired as an Editor and Writer of Technical Publications.

She moved back to Mobile and bought a house near Bates Field, the Mobile Area Airport. In fact, planes flew over her place on landings and take-offs.

Bobby, JoAnne's brother moved in with her a number of years later, and they were very good for each other in numerous ways.

During her later 70's Lou's health began to fail. She had a rare form of Leukemia for about 16 years that would cause some good, some bad days, but was not the fatal type of Leukemia. In 1997, she began having several hospitalizations for several different ailments. She went through chemotherapy treatments for Lymphoma for a couple of treatment series. The treatments finally failed to be effective, and she passed away on August 1, 1998.

Lou loved to play table games. She liked to play several different card games, but her very favorite game was Yahtzee. If she didn't have anyone to play with, she'd spend lots of time playing it alone.

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