Monday, July 13, 2009

Part - 19.h.2. - Employment (cont)


19h,(2) Work Continued

During that time, I worked with another guy at Central Baptist Church to install a new TV production and sound system, run cameras and direct programming.

At the end of that nine month period I was called by Farnell and Associates to go to Courtaulds’ Tencel Fiber Plant in Axis, AL as Safety Manager. They had already had two lost time accidents and needed someone to get the program changed to correct deficiencies. There were no more lost timers!

After Tencel, I ran a project for Farnell at Huls Chemical Plant in Theodore and did six months of redesign work on elevated platforms for a new plastics plant in Sulpher, LA.

After that, I was called back to Tencel to write a Safety Plan, write a script and directed the shoot for Safety training videos for a large addition to that plant. Then I ran to Safety Program for tow-and-a-half years.

At that point, I began working as a Safety Consultant. I worked on a project in Jackson, AL for Boise Cascade Paper Co. There had been two lost time incidents there and they wanted someone to correct that situation. No more lost timers!

From Boise, I went to Noramco, Inc. a Johnson & Johnson Company, in Athens, GA. I did the program and video thing like Tencel, then ran the safety program for two plus years. Then, I did monthly audits on another project on that site for a year.

I went into semi-retirement after that project. Now I do some Safety Training and monitoring work for Safety Guidance Specialty (SGS) in the Mobile, McIntosh areas as Safety Consulting – Jim Wood. This helps keep my interest up in Safety and hopefully helps to keep what little sharpness there is in my ole head!

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