Thursday, October 30, 2008

University of Mobile Visitors

Two Visitors From UM

On Thursday October 16th, we had a visit by two of our favorite red heads, our baby granddaughter, Ashley and another of our "Other Younguns, Hanna (really from Montana!).

Both of these girls know that they're welcome to the farm at any time they desire to come. Again, Grandmother knew just what to cook that is each one's favorite food. Hanna has been up several times with Ashley, so Grandmother had already stored in her "Favorite Foods for All Younguns, Grand Younguns and Other Younguns library in her head's food file!

I think that they knew that our visitors from Auburn were coming in the next day and they decided to come on in and get their share while there was a good supply of groceries on hand!!!

Both of these young ladies are musicians. Hanna plays viola in the UM Orchestra and some other groups and teaches violin to several young students. She is a Music Major. Ashley is our Vocalist grandchild and sings with the UM Choirs. She is a Music Minor student. Both make beautiful music in their own realm.

We were really honored to have them with us for the day and hope they will come back more often.

On previous visits by these two, they have made similar ventures to the dirt pit, cemetery, etc. that the Auburn group did on their visit. As soon as they got to the pit, both tossed their shoes aside and played in the sandy soil.

So, we wound up with nine grand younguns and other younguns within 3 days and did we have a ball!!!

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