Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Dance at Our House

We Had a Big Dance at Our House last Friday

We had been to Mobile all day last Friday, July 11th, to buy kitchen supplies and food stuff for VBS and other meals at the church. We loaded the church bus pretty heavily with the stuff for the kitchen. We got back to the church about 3 and got all the stuff unloaded and placed in the kitchen. Then, JoAnne and I came on home and rested a couple of hours before going back to the church to take choir members and spouses to Jordan's Fish Camp for an outing.

About 5 p.m., I noticed some heavy clouds beginning to appear to the west. Soon I began to hear some thunder. So, I shut my computer down and told JoAnne she should do the same. She wasn't moving very fast and I happened to be near her computer a few minutes later, so I turned her computer off.

Soon after that, about 5:30, we heard an instant boom along with the flash of lightening. I knew it had hit very close and looked around to see if anything was amiss. It was getting time to go to the church to get the bus out and go to Jordan's, so we headed on out in a very hard downpour of rain.

When we got home, I turned my computer on and found that it wouldn't get on line. I didn't think too much about that as it was a pretty common thing. JoAnne checked hers and she said that it wouldn't even come on. About that time, I realized that the phone lines were messed up and the coffee maker in the kitchen was off. The next day, I discovered that the well pump wasn't running.

To make a long story short, we took her computer to Best Buy in Mobile and they found that the motherboard was fried. Then we had them retrieve all the data from it. The phone company made 3 trips out here to get the problems fixed. Finally, they replaced the DSL line and we're replacing all the phones. We have replaced the coffee maker and had the pump serviced. And, we have ordered JoAnne a new Dell computer. There was no problem with her monitor, printer or speakers so we didn't order new ones.

Now, we have to settle up with our insurance agent to agree on the amount they'll cover of the $1,689.51 cost to get everything back up and running. There may be one or two other problems. One in particular is the possibility that the router that connects our comuters could be fried!

We're thankful that there wasn't any fire or anything more serious from the strike, and are thankful for insurance to cover most of the replacement costs.

I know that it is not true, but I'm in hopes that lightening will not strike in the same place twice!!!

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