Friday, June 27, 2008

The Mystery of The Lost Keys

"Where Are My Keys?"

Upon returning to Millry after our wonderful trip to Lubbock, TX for our granddaughter Cassie's wedding and getting to do our share of spoiling our Great Granddaughter, Button (Laura Kate Wiley), we stopped by the Post Office to retrieve a week's pile of mail.

JoAnne started to get her keys to open the PO Box. "Have you seen my keys?" "No." "I can't find them." Maybe they're in your other purse, we'll check on them when we get home."

Well, after we got home, we looked in both purses, through all the dirty clothes, in all the pockets in my briefcase and the suitcases, under the car seats, called the Motel where we stayed in Pearl, MS, called Andy and Robin. No keys!

I talked with Andy Thursday on our way back from Mobile for a doctor's appointment, and he said that they'd looked for them some around their house and in their car...No keys! He said that he'd do some more looking after he got home. On our way back home, I talked with the Ford place about replacement costs for the car key.... $29 for the key and $39 to program it to the car's computer. The PO key replacement is $70. The safe deposit key at the bank $90+. Plus, we will have to replace 2 church keys, 2 house keys, key to DTAB's house and a few more. Expensive loss!

About 6 Thursday evening, Andy called and said, "Found them!" They were in his office and something had been laid over them. JoAnne had apparently had them in her hands while in Andy's office Sunday and for some unknown reason had laid them down. Why? We have no clue.

But, we were feeling better than the Alka Seltzer commercial... "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, Oh, what a relief it is" when Andy called.

It is amazing how some habits allow us to automatically do various things, then when we break the cycle of those habits, wild things happen!

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