Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Rotten Dog

A new addition to our home occurred on Thanksgiving weekend, 2006 when Andy and Robin brought a very loving, year old dachshund named Winston. He is a “yard dog,” meaning three feet from the tip of his tail to the end of his nose. But, he is really a “house dog.”

One of the first things we did was to give him a new name. We brainstormed a large number of names, but none fit like JoAnne’s name for him as Sport. He is a sport alright with personality to boot.

He was mostly house broken and trained in several other things. One thing is that if we pick up a leash, he really gets excited because he knows that he’s going somewhere! He loves to ride and wants to go with me any time I head for my pickup truck.

JoAnne said that she really didn’t ever want another “house dog” but looking in those sad eyes, Sport won her heart as he did mine. He has truly become a member of our family. He loves to go to Mobile and visit his “cousin” Rusty, a long hair miniature dachshund. Both of them really play well with each other. Also, he and Lady, our long hair yellow dog that showed up at our house almost 7 years ago. They play and tussle around many times a day. Even though she is 6 times larger than he is, he never backs off to her and takes his tumbles in stride.

He loves to hop up in my recliner and jump against the back until he gets the back leaned back so he can climb atop the chair to get near me while I’m at my computer. He loves attention and loves to give attention. He can almost talk with you with those big brown eyes.

He’s a good Auburn fan and gets excited when the football team scores a touchdown. I’ll say, “Touchdown Auburn!” and he’ll start jumping around and yipping, indicating that he’s happy too! He still can’t come out with the words, “Mama” yet although he does get excited and yips when I try to get him to say it!

He loves to cuddle up with either of us in our lap and napping. Lots of the time, he will get one of his toys and bring it up in our lap to lay his head on when he naps.

He minds really well except when he has a hot trail of a rabbit or something and goes running off trailing whatever it is. If I call him back, he just keeps on going, but if I say, “Bye Sport!” he immediately comes back just as happy as can be. I guess he thinks he’s going to get to ride somewhere. When we leave home for any period of time, a few minutes, a couple of hours or all day, we put him in our bath room. He doesn’t seem to mind going in there to his bed. We always keep food and water bowls filled, but when he is in there alone he never eats, drinks or messes. I think he does play with his toys some.

If JoAnne and I embrace for a kiss, he will try to get between us and bark to let us know that he wants “sugar” too! He loves to give us “sugar” but when I say, “OK,” he hops down.

He has really become a huge part of our lives and JoAnne doesn’t mind the fact that he is a “house dog.” Of course, he enjoys being outside playing with Lady or digging holes trying to dig up moles which he did one time and brought it to the back door!

He is SOME Sport!!!!! Sport and Cousin Rusty!

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