Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Wedding

On Saturday, March 15, 2008 the first of three additions to our family was completed. Joel Andrew Wood and Ashley Elizabeth Hawthorne were married at Woodland Place Baptist Church in Magnolia, TX (a Houston suburb). The wedding was beautiful and Andy did a great job or conducting the ceremony.

After a long period of photo taking, they came in for the reception in a fellowship hall that was immaculately decorated. When they got ready to leave, they walked through a lineup of rose petals tossed by the waiting crowd to send them off. They were to stay in Houston that night, then fly out to Cancun, Mex. Sunday.

As I noted above, this was the first of three big events scheduled in our family, particularly Andy's family, to add three people to our family.

Carrie and Kyle Wiley, our oldest granddaughter and husband are expecting the birth of a new daughter, Laura Kate Wiley around May 9th. Of course, we're all excited about the upcoming birth of our first great grandchild that I'm already calling "Button."

The third event will be the marriage of Cassie Wood, our second granddaughter is scheduled to marry Curtis Thomas in Lubbock on June 21st.

This will make 3/5 of our grands to be "hitched" We're not pushing the other two to do so for a while yet as both of them are in college.

The Lord has blessed us with by giving us a fine daughter-in-law and a good son-in-law and they have joined our son and daughter to give us five super grandchildren. Now they are branching out forming families of their own and are following His leadership in their careers.

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