Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snowstorm in South Alabama

Snow in South Alabama is a rarity. But on this day, I woke up to see snow falling all around Lonesome Pine Farm in Millry, AL.

At first, it was kinda light along with some sleet. But soon it began coming down like times I've seen in East Tennessee and Maine. It was coming down so hard and fast that it looked like chicken feathers floating down, coating everything it touched.

Most of the cows had been out early eating hay along the edge of the woods north of the house. They stayed with it until it started coming down very hard. All but one made it their business to head for the barn to get out of this strange stuff falling on them. The one that stayed at the hay roll was a 2-year-old light brown cow with about 10" horns. She took advantage of the lack of competition around the hay roll. Most of the time, the cows will eat the hay from the center out. This cow had her head almost buried up in the middle of the roll.

Of course, I took many pictures of this event. This was the first snow we've had here since an 8 inch snow in about 1991 or 1992. So, this is a significant event for this place located about 80 miles north of Mobile. Thus, earning a blogspot for history!

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